Solar Cosultants

Solar Energy Systems


Solar Electric

We design, install, and service solar photovoltaic systems from the worlds top manufacturers.


Solar Pool Heating

Heat your pool with the worlds more efficient solar pool heating system. Increase your swimming season.


Battery Backup

Ongrid or offgrid. Installing a battery back-up is a great insurance against loss of utility power.


Solar Re-roofs

Do you need to new roof?  Coordinating with the roofer will minimize costs and downtime.


Energy Efficiency

By working in coordination with the areas best contractors we can create a realistic approach to energy independence for any budget or credit score.



The most important aspect of a solar system is it’s design.

Quality Endures
The Best For the Job

Solar Consultants was founded in 2017 to carry-on the work of the pioneers of the solar industry by providing long-lasting solar energy systems, solutions, and service to clients worldwide.  


Excellent experience—Start to Finish. We’ve had the panels more than 25 years, updating & upgrading them once over that timespan. Two constants to be noted in this long-term connection; Quality product, Quality service.

It’s good to know our money has been spent well and good to know that it’s Joe answering the call for any maintenance issues.

David M.

Just learned that ECS is now Solar Consultants. That install was over 10 years ago. The unit still functions well. I called to get a 6 inch connector that has a slight leak after 10 years, and reached Joseph, owner of Solar Consultants. Since I live 30 miles from their office, Joseph offered to drop off the connector when he was in the area. In this era, that kind of service is not available anyplace that I know about. This solar is the only piece of equipment that has required almost no repair in 10 years. Thumbs up and 6 stars if available.
Ron W.